Norman Spangenhelm, approx. 1180 a.d.

Norman Spangenhelm, approx. 1180 a.d.
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- BATTLE-READY - This is a fully battle-ready helmet in the style of a norman spangenhelm... mehr
Produktinformationen "Norman Spangenhelm, approx. 1180 a.d."
- BATTLE-READY - This is a fully battle-ready helmet in the style of a norman spangenhelm from approx. 1180 a.d. It is made from 1.6 mm to 3.2 mm steel. The two helmet halves are welded together. The metal strips that form the framework of the helm (Spangen) as well as the face plate are riveted to the helmet. The fine workmanship and overlapping construction insures high robustness and therefore best possible protection during battle reenactment.

Delivery includes a very comfortable, high-quality, adjustable padded liner and a riveted leather chin strap and authentic brass buckle.

Size S: up to 58 cm head circumference
Material: 1.6mm to 3.2 mm steel near the Spangen (metal plate stips)
2 mm thick face plate
Soft, adjustable padded liner
chin strap from cowhide
Weight: approx. 2.55 kg

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